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Flesh of my Flesh

Flesh of my Flesh (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Edward Martin III.  •  Starring: Heather Abbott, Barclay Albright, Reza Aleaziz, Jodi Altendorf, Paul Asbury, Nolon Ashley, Aurora, Autumn, Lorraine Bacuita, Terance Bacuita, Amanda Bailey, Andrew Baker, Damien Banki.  •  Music by: Mark 'Equinox' Brown, Cyoakha Grace O'Manion.
    The chronicles of mankind's final hours in the last great war for existence. An embedded research team reveals themselves to rescue their own beleaguered rescue party. This triggers a snowball of betrayal, jealousy, love, and redemption, punctuated by bullets, pain, and death.


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Image from: Flesh of my Flesh (2015)
Let me start off by talking about a small company called Cheezy Flicks. I have several titles from them at the moment so expect to see this first paragraph on each review. If you read it once you can skip that paragraph. When I first heard of Cheezy Flicks it wasn't in the nicest of terms. I heard the company put out substandard versions of movies for incredibly low prices. To say my expectations were low is an understatement. But I believe in giving a company a fair shake. I'm glad I did. To be honest the movies I've seen released by the company have gone from great to mediocre versions but here is the thing. For movie fans with low to zero budgets Cheezy provides a solid offering that is affordable. In addition to that they strive to give you the best version they possibly can. They also have picked up titles that few if any studios would bother with, low budget movies to be sure, but pure fun movies and in some cases movies that are actually quite good. An example is LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE. One big name site is selling used copies of the movie for $36.00. Cheezy has it for $6. And it's a really good edition of the film too. So if you're looking to pick up DVDs at rock bottom prices new and can deal with a movies that can be a little blurry at time (not their fault but that of the film makers when these old films were made) then by all mean's give Cheezy Flicks a try. They're a small company but deserve your business. Enough said.

So let's get the story out of the way first here. FLESH OF MY FLESH is another in a long line of lowno budget zombie flicks made independently by people who love the genre, who want to make a movie but who are just starting out. Zombies are running wild in several cities and one such city is fences off. A small team is sent in via helicopter to see if there are any survivors left. As they hover over the city someone below shoots them down with a rocket and they barely make a safe landing on top of a building.

As they begin their search on foot zombies attack them and only two of the three make it to a nearby research facility. The survivors there have sealed off all entrances and argue about letting them in but eventually do so. The problem is this alerts the zombies that there is someone still alive in their building.

The action moves to the zombie compound where we find these zombies might crave flesh like they all do but they're intelligent as well. One has become the leader of the group and he takes advantage of something the researchers aren't aware of. When eating the brains of the living the zombie doing so also takes on all of their memories.

The action moves throughout the research facility as the zombies attempt to gain access taking out members of the group one by one. As they defend themselves and their numbers dwindle someone seems to be trying to help them. Here's something new to the genre, a zombie coup with a new leader trying to take over. And he has a secret that isn't revealed until near the end of the film.

Review by kirbylee70-599-526179 from the Internet Movie Database.