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Great Fear, The

Great Fear, The (2015) Movie Poster
Canada / Japan  •    •  105m  •  Directed by: Iain Laird.  •  Starring: Gerrick Winston, Alana Hawley, Chengis Javeri, Lorette Clow, Kelly Frey, Brent Kuhn, Kevin Davey, Saleste Mele, Allan Stickel, Shusaku Kakizawa, Jill Maria Robinson, Mitchell Verigin, Troy Fyhn.  •  Music by: Logan Ryder Laird.
Victor, a quiet farmer, is forced to forfeit his cattle following a questionable inspection of his farm by a large agricultural corporation known as Vassal. Left with only his tractors. something quietly discomforting starts to cast a shadow on the community as all the locals begin to show flu like symptoms while Vassal begins to show a gradually increasing presence.


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