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Journey to a Journey, A

Journey to a Journey, A (2016) Movie Poster
Canada / USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Barry Germansky.  •  Starring: Dennis Hayden, Kerry Norton, Maggie Wagner, Wesley Strick, Riley Neldam, Gregory Blair, Greg Travis, Barry Germansky, William Richert, Peter Elbling, Christopher Pennock, Priscila Zortea, Mickey O'Sullivan.  •  Music by: Mikhail Moldavskiy, Michael Ursu.
    After a brilliant university student is rejected from a prestigious research program, his subsequent investigation uncovers the shocking truth about the nameless, timeless society in which he lives.


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Great acting, timeless story that was engaging and relatable.

Review by kvdoglover-60833 from the Internet Movie Database.