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Garden's Keeper, The

Garden's Keeper, The (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  70m  •    •  Directed by: Adrian Pedrin.  •  Starring: Rene Jester, Carlos Garcia, Jocelin Valencia, Isaac Monster Del Portillo.  •  Music by: Arturo Arriaga.
    A motley crew of old friends go in search for a secret U.F.O. sighting camp where they come across something far more dangerous and far more other-worldly.


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Image from: Garden
Image from: Garden
THE GARDEN'S KEEPER is an example of what happens when you try to make a science fiction film on zero budget. The lack of money precludes any kind of special effects whatsoever, so instead what we get is a found footage style movie in which a bunch of sci-fi geeks (who regularly quote THE X-FILES, no matter that the show had its heyday over two decades ago) travel to Mexico and encounter various weird stuff out in the sticks.

The thrust of the narrative is about a UFO hunt but in actuality the only ominous content comes from a creepy masked gardener who just so happens to be the titular character. There's a fair bit of parody-style humour and lots of wooden acting to counterbalance it, but overall not much very happens at all.

Review by Leofwine_draca from the Internet Movie Database.