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6 Horas

6 Horas (2015) Movie Poster
Chile  •    •  67m  •    •  Directed by: Diego Ayala.  •  Starring: Jocelyn Anfossy, Paulina Cuevas, Andres Cesar Gonzalez, Koke Santa Ana.  •  Music by: Milton Nuñez.
    Camilo is an ordinary young man who, one night, finds out that the nuclear reactor of his city is about to explode. he only has 6 hours to escape from the city with his best friend.


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This low-budget melodrama has something going for it, because I somehow watched it to the end. It is based on a very shaky premise, and exhibits a poor understanding of physics; I nearly turned it off many times, yet somehow it keep me from committing to the urge to put it out of its misery. The acting is frequently over-wrought, and the dialogue cheesy, the narrative riddled with plot holes, continuity blasphemies, technical improbabilities and outright impossibilities, but the film is not without its charms. Beyond the pretty actors, I'm not sure what those are, but somehow a combination things, maybe even the fact that it is trying hard to be more than its constituent parts, is what gets it over the line.

Review by troy-boulton from the Internet Movie Database.