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Duaru Shiti

Duaru Shiti (2015) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  100m  •  Directed by: Yokna Hasegawa.  •  Starring: Norma Aratani, Tomomi Mabuchi, Chieko Misaka, Aki Morita, Ryubun Saitou, Keigo Tani, Tatsuya Ueda.  •  Music by: Oliver Ho, Shinda Bokuno Kanojo, Naoyuki Kobayashi, Party Trash.
     In 2034, Japan is divided into North and South. Yoriko is a nurse living in the north, who lost her daughter due to the northern war. One night, she gets abducted by guerrilla terrorists and learns that her daughter is still alive in a form of 'information life': collective memories of the dead souls.


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