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Origins II: The Rising

Origins II: The Rising (2011) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  52m  •    •  Directed by: Kyle Parish.  •  Starring: Kyle Parish, Matthew Schliesmann, Joseph Popma, Neil Pothier, Sarah Long, Joseph Laxton, Sarah Long..
A Star Wars Fan Film. Set 104,000 years before Episode 1, in a time before intergalactic space travel, before the Republic and before the Jedi Order, Origins II continues to story of the first Jedi and Dark Jedi, two brothers, Kyle and jack, as they fight for control of there world and over a mysterious light, which may hold the key to understanding the mysteries of the force. But unknown to the two brothers, ancient forces are re emerging and have there own plans. Soon the brothers and there friends are caught up in an ever building conflict that could lead to the very destruction of the force and their world!


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