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Legends from the Sky

Legends from the Sky (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Travis Holt Hamilton.  •  Starring: Edsel Pete, Mia Sable, Chris Robinson, Ernest Tsosie III, James Bilagody, Thomas H. Begay, Cale Epps, Drew Moore, Wayne Charles Baker, Derek Solorsano, Timothy Odom, Jon J. Gonzalez, Dempsey E. Chapito.  •  Music by: Nathaniel Drew.
     A Native American Veteran, burdened by survivor's guilt after a disastrous military tour, is forced to search for his missing grandfather after his ancestral land is mysteriously taken over by an unknown federal organization.


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Image from: Legends from the Sky (2015)
Image from: Legends from the Sky (2015)
Image from: Legends from the Sky (2015)
There are very few movies that come out in January that can be called a good movie. This is not one of them. Legends from the Sky follows Lyle (Edsel Pete) a Navajo war veteran who can see visions of his grandfather who is essentially being held captive by a mysterious government organization after a UFO crashed on his land. With the help of reporter Tanya Marshall (Mia Sable) and UFO conspiracy theorist Tom (Ernest Tsosie III, Lyle slowly finds his destiny and what he must do to save his grandfather.

The acting in this movie is horrible. Every line the actors deliver is forced and awkward. The dialogue is cringe-worthy, dull, and most of the time nonsensical. The plot has many, many holes in it that takes you out of the movie. This mysterious 'elite' government organization has such advanced technology and resources, yet this injured, unfit, war veteran can cause them trouble. I don't buy for a second. The visual effects were bad as well and you can easily tell when the green screen is used. It takes you out of the movie completely. The only reason I am giving this movie 2 stars is that this story had potential had it been written and directed by someone with at least a tad bit of talent.

Legends from the Sky is a movie that had the potential to have an interesting story but ultimately suffers from terrible acting, bad special effects, and some of the worst writing and directing I have seen in recent memory.

Review by riman643 from the Internet Movie Database.