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Érase una vez en Buenos Aires

Érase una vez en Buenos Aires (2016) Movie Poster
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Argentina  •    •    •  Directed by: Agustín Ross Beraldi, Diego Labat.  •  Starring: Francisco Ortiz, Natalia Santiago, Walter Cornás, Berta Muñiz, Lucas Lagré, Darío Barassi, Fiorella Pedrazzini, Nicolas Maiques, Verónica Intile, Leandro Cóccaro, Diego Labat, Matias Boettner, Anahi Ribeiro.  •  Music by: Diego Labat.
    Eight strories that take place in an alternate Buenos Aires including a story about a man who travels through time to get his mother pregnant, two super heroes abducted and tortured by a fan, a detective with a puppet for partner, and a woman that lives inside a magic suitcase, controling Buenos Aires's forests.


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