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Actual Reality

Actual Reality (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Ian Stout, Robin Vada.  •  Starring: Jennifer Brian, Willow Finney, Hannah Barefoot, Roshan Maloney, Ian Stout, Michael Patrick Connolly, Bruce Jennings, Coltron James, Keith Callanin, Monica Graves, Emily Galash, Jana Lee Hamblin, Jeremy McLaughlin.  •  Music by: Matt Smokovich.
     In the not too distant future, "going online" means entering a full submersion virtual reality. In your avatar form you can choose to look like yourself or someone else entirely. The only trouble is the online system is controlled entirely by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. Saule is a hard-partying rebel. To protest the corrupt system, she and her friends literally crash parties in the virtual word. Rose is a straight-laced detective who busts criminals like Saule. They meet and fall for each other online where Rose is undercover and Saule is posing as a man. Trouble ensues when they discover each other's true identities. Trouble worsens when Rose discovers her organization is aiming to kill Saule.


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