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96 Souls

96 Souls (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  112m  •    •  Directed by: Stanley Jacobs.  •  Starring: Grinnell Morris, Sid Veda, Paul Statman, Toyin Moses, J. Michael Silver, Kevin Rock, Rob Locke, ShaiFali, Jewel Greenberg, Porter Duong, Megan Albertus, Amanda Ardoin, Malcolm Arnsdorff.  •  Music by: Noah Lifschey.
     An agnostic university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see people's true intentions -- which makes his situation even worse.


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Image from: 96 Souls (2016)
Image from: 96 Souls (2016)
Image from: 96 Souls (2016)
Image from: 96 Souls (2016)
Sure it has a lot of the flaws you expect from this type of low budget film. The dialogue makes you wince a few times as the writer was going for clever and it just sounded clunky coming out of the mouths of the actors. But the acting was fairly solid (with a few notable exceptions, but not where it counts). The cinematography was quite good, and even the "special effects" weren't too distracting. The editing was magnificent, and in many cases that's the key difference between good and bad in films. You don't notice it unless it's done poorly, and in this case, it was pretty much seamless.

Despite is flaws, there was something about the story, and the developmental arc of the characters, that kept me fascinated. I watched it more like I was watching an art project than a movie, and I was able to really appreciate what they were trying to do.

I watch a lot of indie films, and some are definitely horrific (although many of them have some merit buried in there somewhere. This one was definitely worth a watch. Someone had a pretty clever idea, developed it, and managed to work in some thought-provoking philosophy along the way.

Review by kay_rock from the Internet Movie Database.


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