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Kesif (2018) Movie Poster
Turkey  •    •    •  Directed by: Volkan Kocatürk, Metin Turguç, Özlem Koza.  •  Starring: Sude Zulal Güler, Burak Can, Ibrahim Yildiz, Yurdaer Okur, Pelin Akil, Ruzgar Aksoy, Asli Ünsalan, Volkan Ünal, Kenan Demirok, Fuat Onan, Aziz Izzet Biçici, Eylem Demir, Durmus Aydin..
No synopsis is available for this movie.


It was really a great movie. I recommend you to watch this movie where today's people and our young people are lost in their own world, the message of how these days have been reached in the best way. For anyone who rated low this movie, it means heshe did not understand the movie.

Review by mfinci from the Internet Movie Database.