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Moon Rock City

Moon Rock City (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  118m  •    •  Directed by: Kevin Carrico.  •  Starring: Dennis North, Mike Kraft, Tracee Mae Miller, Megan Messmer, Brian Vander Ark, Jeff Thomakos, Eric Bernosky, John Hawkinson.  •  Music by: Timothy J. Kelly, Kurt Schreitmueller.
    In the future, an entity known as UniVerse controls almost every business in the known solar system. To escape their musical repression, a band of musicians form a colony on the moon in order to broadcast 'free' music which is then mysteriously destroyed. Later, when two UniVerse employees discover survivors of the annihilated colony, they learn that UniVerse might have destroyed it to silence the 'unauthorized' music. One survivor is a rock star with a dubious past; the other a great fan who blames him for killing everyone she ever loved. Together this band of misfits wonder: can Rock 'N' Roll save the world?


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