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Little Red and the Rhode Island Strangler

Little Red and the Rhode Island Strangler (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  71m  •  Directed by: Matt Sample.  •  Starring: Michael P. Flanagan Jr., Paul O'Keefe, Darryl Corfman, Jason Klaass, Morgan Nagler, Trevor Robins, David Giebelstein, Kaelyn Maxey, Levi Fowler, Gabriel Carranza, Hunter Ley, Colby Taylor, Daniel Carranza.  •  Music by: Adam Rosenberg.
    After a UFO sighting near his hometown, a young boy runs away from home in hopes of making contact with the aliens. As he explores the mountainous desert terrain, he meets an eccentric ex-wrestler who is searching for a legendary lost treasure. The two join forces and continue on their journey together.


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