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Mayflower II

Mayflower II (2015) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  112m  •    •  Directed by: Dallas Lammiman.  •  Starring: Nathan Clarkson, Rich Swingle, Justin Lewis, Ryan-Iver Klann, Theresa Browning, Rachel Peacock, D'Arcy Browning, Gene Jarvis, Joel Harder, Rick Borger, Joyce Swingle, Kealey Storrs, Stephen Hardy..
When Miles O'Rourke's brother shows him the hidden Mayflower Two, a ship designed to transport families off the planet to escape persecution, he dismisses it as extremist paranoia. Soon, however, he finds that persecution is real and personal as the authorities come after him. Caught off guard, he "borrows" the new Mayflower to flee to a paradise colony on Mars where he learns he hasn't left all his troubles behind.


We just finished watching "Mayflower 2" as a family. Our 8 year old Elijah exclaimed at the end "That is my new favourite movie." We watched the first part on a Saturday morning and had to pause it to take care of some other stuff. Our 10 yr old and 13 yr old were so hooked by the first 45 minutes that they kept begging to finish it.

The Mayflower 2 is a very ambitious scifi film with a ridiculously low budget, which means lots of volunteer work. Consequently not all of the cast's acting ability is on the same level, but there are some really strong performances.

I was very impressed with the special effects and CGI for the budget. Rick Holets wrote a very strong and moving musical score which enhances the whole film!

The film explores the topic of persecution and when the church should submit to the earthly authorities, and when being faithful to our calling requires civil disobedience.

Persecution is being endured by the church all over the world, and it seems to be increasing here in North America. So these issues will become even more relevant as time passes.

Mayflower 2 provides lots of great points for discussion that should lead to some great conversation after watching.

This movie required countless hours of sacrifice, perseverance and dedication, I applaud the producers for their vision and determination to bring it fruition!

(A free copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.).

Review by tirzahdog from the Internet Movie Database.