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Capital dos Mortos 2: Mundo Morto, A

Capital dos Mortos 2: Mundo Morto, A (2015) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  71m  •    •  Directed by: Tiago Belotti.  •  Starring: Lorena Aloli, José de Campos, Tiago Esmeraldo, Gino Evangelisti, Rany Fontelene, Morgana Santos Gama, Ana Flavia Garcia, Renata Helena, Nobu Kahi, Marília Mangueira, Rodrigo Luiz Martins, Gustavo Serrate, Jazz Vasconcellos.  •  Music by: Tiago Esmeraldo.
    Five years after the events of "The Capital of the Dead", Lucas joins forces with the traumatized Denise. Together they attempt to keep their sanity while fighting off the undead in a world where zombies are not the most dangerous beings.


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