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Wombs Discovering the Next Dimension

Wombs Discovering the Next Dimension (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  130m  •  Directed by: Cliff Paris, Karen Paris.  •  Starring: Benjamin Marshall Brown, Jenna Chow, Mika Cigic, Chinmay Domne, Dylan Hintz, Trevor Hintz, Matthew Marcus, Heather Massoth, Irene Melice, Cliff Paris, Alexia Poe, Darrell Poe, Daniel F. Purcell.  •  Music by: Ian Cox, Robert Gironda, Carrie Martin, Cliff Paris, Sam Stauff, Carrie Weiland.
    With the Termination of the space shuttle program Jason Argenon invented the next step; ships occupied solely by computers programmed to find habitable planets and birth two astronauts on board. Now, many years later, a ship has returned with video records and diaries.


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