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Metamorfosia (2014) Movie Poster
Germany / UK  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: Cosmotropia de Xam.  •  Starring: Carmen Incarnadine, Janet Littwin, Larissa Littwin, Martin N...
In the eyes of an average woman it's her husband and the children, who give her love and secureness. They form a family. Often her husband has to travel for business, only for a few days. In these days she feels loneliness and counts the days till he comes back from his far journeys. Everytime the day of his arrival is a pleasure. But this time he hasn't come back. He has been missing for 3 days.


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Image from: Metamorfosia (2014)
Image from: Metamorfosia (2014)
Image from: Metamorfosia (2014)
Image from: Metamorfosia (2014)
Image from: Metamorfosia (2014)
After 'Diabolique', Cosmotropia de Xam (the mastermind behind Mater Suspiria Vision and the runner of the witch house game) decided to make another movie that is reminiscent of vintage sci-fi horror films from the 60's and 70's and 'Metamorfosia' is the one.

From what i can understand, it's basically about a woman, who's yearning for her husband's return, receives a chemical treatment in order to make her loneliness go away, only for her to fall under the most dangerous side effects.

I would consider this film as baby steps away from the lack of depth of 'Diabolique' because in 'Metamorfosia' actually has a story to go through, along with audio and video visual experiments.

The first half went on just fine until in the middle it gets a bit lost and right until the last part where the woman flaunts her bad acting around, laughing like a hyena, making the entire scene out like some cheap, safe imitation of the most disturbing subway scene from Possession.

I personally prefer it over 'Diabolique', though i would love to like it more if the director works on some details a bit more and likeX... you know.., not move the camera around too much.

Review by piliclilic from the Internet Movie Database.