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Genesis Ring

Genesis Ring (2014) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  92m  •  Directed by: Deigh Kelin.  •  Starring: Brandon Angel, Jason Cerundolo, Jack Davin, Kaiser Fry, Deigh Kelin, Deborah Lee Klein, Jon Manheim, Lisa Rowe-Beddoe, Irelynne West, Justin West.  •  Music by: Deigh Kelin.
    Dev, an ageless androgynous wanderer, lives in a world where the collapse of civilization has come and gone and the world has managed to put society back together in a massive walled-off city state known as the Auhsan Township. Dev manages to make a living doing odd (usually illegal) jobs around the city, but as the neighborhood becomes increasingly hostile, Dev and his/her lover take a dangerous job in an attempt to make enough money to move to a better part of the city. What follows is a journey beyond the city wall into a hostile, chaotic world in an attempt to deliver a stolen piece of revolutionary technology: the brain of a living doll.


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