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Being (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Douglas C. Williams.  •  Starring: Robert John Burke, Brian Foyster, Jason Iannacone..
When a mysterious creature appears after bright burst of light, the local residents turn upon eachother.


Not even Ben Browder or Lance Hendrikson could save this drek. The dialogue was stilted, the storyline was hard to follow and none of the Local LEOs or the FibEYEs were written credibly. ¿ What was this 'being'? ¿ Was it extraterrestrial, a daemonic or angelic entity, a faerie...or just a poorly written, poorly executed, amorphous plot device that was mis-engineered to confuse us even more?

The 'family' dynamic was just as bewildering. Maybe the people gathered together at the house and the pastor and sheriff were a mix half-brothers, step-brothers and true brothers, but it really was difficult to piece it all together. One father had apparently died and maybe the other side of the family was trying to strong-arm the sale of his house. One brother had been 'disappeared' for six ( 6 ) years by the faeries ETs daemons and then 'un-disappeared' a coupla' days before the movie starts. ( Even HE doesn't seem to know what this 'Being' is and can't talk to it anyway. ) There's also the elder half-brother step-brother full-brother who seems to be a religious fanatic and starts shooting at anything that moves...with the pretext of setting bear-traps for 'raccoons' in the barn that sets off the mayhem. At the very end of the film, Ben Browder's FBI Agent character turns out to be a G-Man operative and is being directed by his handler much higher up the food chain to 'resolve the threat'. Sounds more like an ET intrusion, after all, but it's all just too difficult to make sense of. The cheating wife is found in a field apparently spiritually possessed ( she was spouting some sort of New Age bullcrap earlier in the movie with her eyes rolled up into her skull ). She was found next to her dead husband, where they'd dumped him after he got shot.

I like the premise for this movie--really, I do. It's a good conceit and theme for a good movie. Unfortunately, good ideas don't automatically make good movies and this movie just tanked.

Review by buddymakesdo from the Internet Movie Database.