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Hamlet's Ghost

Hamlet's Ghost (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Walker Haynes.  •  Starring: Glen Mac, Creagen Dow, Walker Haynes, John Loprieno, Ida Anderson, Barbara Niven, Stephanie Zimbalist, Dan Braun, Eric Gerleman, Brooke Newton, Kinna McInroe, Rad Daly, Tiana Belle.  •  Music by: Richard McHugh, Casey Purvis.
    An actor's quest for answers behind his increasingly vivid hallucinations puts him in the cross hairs of a murderous, time-jumping fugitive.


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There was good potential in exploring a paranormal situation with an actor playing Hamlet traveling through time. The possibilities were endless in making this conceit imaginative and suspenseful. Unfortunately, the ham-fisted acting and the convoluted plot failed to engage the audience.

In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet gives advice to the players who have arrived in Elsinore to perform for the court. His instructions emphasize subtlety in acting in order to "hold the mirror up to nature." But the acting in this film was the exact opposite of what Hamlet was advocating. In the metadrama, wherein we see "Hamlet" being performed was horrible. And the same degree of unbelievable performances carried over into the main set of characters.

The protagonist named Judge Vaughn is the actor playing Hamlet. A young woman dies in an auto accident when Judge was paying too much attention to her and not his driving. Instead of engaging in the time travel to change the history and save the life of the young woman, the filmmakers instead explore a ludicrous story of how Judge is "inhabited" by man from 1920 in connection with another performance of Hamlet at the historic Phoenix Opera House in Irwin, Alabama. That plot made no sense whatsoever.

To sum up: The story was not spooky. The cinematography was amateurish with too many unflattering close-ups. The acting was wooden. The technical effects were cheesy. The characters were uniformly unlikable. And, above all, the scripting needed a thorough make-over.

Review by lavatch from the Internet Movie Database.


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