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Huo Xing Ren

Huo Xing Ren (1976) Movie Poster
Thailand / Taiwan / Japan  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Hung Min Chen.  •  Starring: Chiang-lung Wen, Bao Yu Wang, Hsiao-hsuan Lu, Han Chang, Wei-Hsin Chang, Tien-cheng Chen, Ai-wen Chou, Mien Fang, Yeh Fang, Tse-Ching Huang, Huan-lin Ling, Hai-sheng Pao, Tai-chen Sun.  •  Music by: Den Seika.
This film teams the Japanese superhero Jumborg Ace with a giant stone idol called Yuk Wud Jaeng, simply known as "Giant" against Ace's own enemies.


Image from: Huo Xing Ren (1976)
Image from: Huo Xing Ren (1976)
This completely unknown Asian monsterrobot film is a gem for many Godzilla fans who need new feed of '70ies rubber monster flicks. Those nostalgic fans who were 10 in the '80es, being able to see this movie on some private TV channel, still remember the kid finding the small statue in a hidden catacomb, the statue growing under some x-rays, the huge unusual robot like giants and the cheesy long-haired enemy jumping around like wild, their extensive battles on the surface of the planet, and of course, the mesmerizing score by Pink Floyd.

Review by masapi from Florence, Italy from the Internet Movie Database.


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