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Dyke Hard

Dyke Hard (2014) Movie Poster
Sweden  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Bitte Andersson.  •  Starring: Lina Kurttila, Peggy Sands, Maria Wågensjö, Alle Eriksson, Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Josephine Wilson, Anitha Nygårds, Ylva Maria Thompson, Ann-Charlotte Andersson, Ingrid Andersson, Alexi Carpentieri, Engla Famne, Tina Gunell.  •  Music by: Bitte Andersson, Makode Linde, Ilon Vejde, Ma Wågensjö.
     A failed lesbian rock group on their way to a battle of the bands team up with a thaiboxer and together they go through all kinds of adventures with ghosts, ninjas, cyborgs, prison breaks, evil roller-derby girls, motorcycle gangs and a mysterious billionaire.


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Image from: Dyke Hard (2014)
Image from: Dyke Hard (2014)
Image from: Dyke Hard (2014)
Image from: Dyke Hard (2014)
This so-called movie was first intended to be released by Troma, but of some reason it never happened. Because it is a flick without any blood and gore, or because it is aimed for a purely queer and gay public? Both, I think. "Dyke Hard" had no potential even for Troma. Here are some lame action and fighting scenes, but not one single drop of blood.

Can it appeal to a queergay public? I doubt that, too. The movie is a complete mess where almost nothing hit the right note, and it excuse itself with the tiresome attitude "intentionally bad -- and that's the fun guys!" But this cliché in modern B-movies only works if the viewer understand that the movie is made by people who play under their real ability. It is all too easy to make intentionally bad flicks, only because the movie makers are afraid they should not be good enough, if they tried to make something good.

The musical scenes are often OK, and the songs are often catchy. Probably you can see them on Youtube soon, and then you don't need to see the whole movie.

Review by John Berg from the Internet Movie Database.