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Emissary, The

Emissary, The (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  99m  •  Directed by: Tim Erskine.  •  Starring: Kay Allmand, Peter Ciesla, Edward DiMaio, Paul Erskine, Tim Erskine, Jess Holland, Joel Kersebet, Mark Moede, Pat Palmer, Holly Phaneuf Erskine, John Wilson.  •  Music by: Vince Frates.
    In 1975, the struggling Edmund Fitzgerald freighter encounters an alien spaceship and both vessels are lost in the storm. The spaceship's power generator is washed up on a Wisconsin beach and found by a poor dairy farmer who plugs it into his farm. Thirty-five years later, a man attempting a sunset meditation walk in a state park confronts a strange visitor after he witnesses a spaceship landing. The spaceman recruits his help in finding and disarming the lost generator before it blows up.