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City to Make Me, A

City to Make Me, A (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Ryan Miller.  •  Starring: Barbara Elizabeth Maleski, Kevin Lucero Less, Lance Lee Davis, Noelle Lynn, Theresa Teng, Noah Noel, Jason Chapman..
    The City is the world, a world filled with NOISE--a virtual ocean, a digital jungle, and war has been declared against North America's business elite by a group of former political dissidents turned assassins. In response, authorities are pushing their latest security solution: an implantable I.D. system courtesy of VERI-SYNC. Set in and around a dystopian fictionalized City in the year 2035, unemployment, class warfare, and hyper-commerce provide the social backdrop in which a job-hungry data-miner, David Phoenix, attempts to survive.


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