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Copposites (2014) Movie Poster
South Africa  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Oliver Rodger.  •  Starring: Rob van Vuuren, Sivuyile Ngesi, Lukhanyo Bele, Casey B. Dolan, Loyiso Gola, Precious Kofi, Alfred Ntombela, Nik Rabinowitz, Grant Swanby.  •  Music by: Jan-Hendrik Harley.
A cop and a crook are exposed a DNA altering formula that switches them into each other's bodies and forces them to work together in order to switch back.


Image from: Copposites (2014)
Image from: Copposites (2014)
Image from: Copposites (2014)
Image from: Copposites (2014)
Just went to see the Movie Copposites. I'm very glad I did, I was laughing all the way home, I'm still laughing, please somebody stop me.

The poster and plot might seem stupid, but don't be fooled! It is a beautifully done movie. I was truly entertained!

With many comedies some scenes could feel forced, hammered down your throat long after it is funny. To be honest this might also happen once or twice here, but you will be more than willing to forgive when you are caught laughing by many, many unexpected fast paced one liners or facial expressions.

It has a 13 age limit for about 3 swear words and about 3 sexually suggestive scenes.

If you need one reason to go see this movie, go see what happens when you bargain down the price of a prostitute from R200 to R20.

It is in the same class as the funniest Leon Schuster movies. It has the same kind of - good guy wins in the end - feeling.

Review by felixandhisthoothbrush from South Africa from the Internet Movie Database.


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