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End of All Things

End of All Things (2016) Movie Poster
New Zealand  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: A.K. Strom.  •  Starring: Karlton Laing, Kirsten Rebekah Strom..
Solar flares erupt from the sun - headed for earth. Giant meteors rain down on the planet. The nations of the world gird themselves for thermonuclear war. Is it really happening? Or is it all a dream - the fevered nightmare of a lonely young girl? And who or what are the Watchers - seemingly the only ones with the ability to prevent these disasters occurring?


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Image from: End of All Things (2016)
Image from: End of All Things (2016)
Image from: End of All Things (2016)
Image from: End of All Things (2016)
Image from: End of All Things (2016)
Image from: End of All Things (2016)
This film is a true 'see-it-to-believe-it' bad. Not even cult-classics like 'Troll 2', or the 'The Room' are as bad. It is not even in the 'so-bad-it-is-funny' category; it is in the 'just-bad'.

Ignoring the low resolution, bad camera-quality, amateurishness, that I personally tolerate for an independent film like this, here are the criminal charges:

1: The acting is cardboard at best, either they were bad cheap actors or random volunteers. 2: Real dialogue is virtually non-existent; it seems to me, that the filmmaker wanted a 'wordless', art-house film like 'All Is Lost'; however, they just rely on 'facial expressions', if there are any, between the protagonist and the Aunt. 3: The editing is annoying; constant close-ups and fading transitions are the modus operandi. 4: The story is childish, and basic, and could easily be told in a concise short-film. 5: The scenes are interchangeable and are meaninglessly repeated and recycled, i.e. 'talking' to the Aunt, wandering in the tunnels, dreaming her aunt walking, googling conspiracy theories, 'talking' to the angel, repeat that sequence about four times and add some stock footage. Essentially there are just three major locations, i.e. house, tunnel, city; this point essentially demonstrates the latter point. 6: Nothing meaningful happens during most of the film, there is no message from the story, mainly for that the audience does not connect with the cardboard protagonist. It is not until near the end, that the motives are religious; however, a trained theologian could tell you, that there is no real religious message here. 7: Cult classic 'Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam' (known as Turkish Star Wars) probably has less stock-footage; again, like the fifth point, these pointless repeated 'scenes' were most likely an attempt to stretch out a simple story. 8: As foresaid in the sixth point, there is no connection with the characters. Especially the angel, whose appearance and acting constantly reminds one, that it is just some man wearing a costume, not a divine angel sent by God.

The music is mediocre but tolerable; it may be the only good thing about this film. The plot is interminable in the first two thirds; however, it does pick some pace at best in the last scenes.

This film would be better as a short film with a concise plot, less stock-footage, and just having the scenes aforesaid above only appear once and not repeated; then, one would not have to rely on too much dialogue from the 'actors' and have every point of the story suggested and implied, like most 'art-house' short-films. Throw in some more creative production, and I personally would not hate this film too much.

As a digression, by reading some Youtube-comments, the biggest problem some religious fans seem to have with this film is, that it shows the Earth as a globe...

Review by lieutenantivan from the Internet Movie Database.