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Gunrunner Billy Kane, The

Gunrunner Billy Kane, The (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: M.D. Selig.  •  Starring: Candice Afia, Henree Alyse, Tasha Ames, Mark Arnold, Adam Briggs, Garret Camilleri, Jason Chanos, Ronnie Clark, Michael Cline, B. Anthony Cohen, Imelda Corcoran, Spencer Davis, Jack Dimich.  •  Music by: Bart Samolis.
     Confronted with the imminent death of his daughter from a neurological disease, rogue doctor Billy Kane takes a Frankenstein approach to finding a cure. Lacking resources to fund dangerous brain experiments, Doctor Kane turns to gunrunning in the savage hotlands as a means to an end. In addition to the constant threat of hotlands cannibals, Dr Kane must outwit the F.B.I. of the oppressive bubble city if his gunrunning is to continue. Unbeknownst to Dr Kane, the CIA is monitoring his every move...knowing that Dr Kane's brain experiments could lead to soldiers with enhanced capabilities. As the series progresses, the threat of discovery coupled with the imminent loss of his precious daughter, push Billy Kane into realms most would never go.