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Prototype, The

Prototype, The (2017) Movie Poster
Italy / USA / Argentina  •    •  95m  •  Directed by: Marcelo Grion.  •  Starring: Victoria De Mare, Theresa Tilly, Mark Vasconcellos, Juan Antonio Devoto, David James Pryce, Todd Stroik, Jacob Baeza, Alona Summers, Bryan Kent, Richie Salerno, Gerardo Hernandez Beltran, Stephen Frye, Brittany Levinson.  •  Music by: George Kallis.
     Garrett Brown wakes up to a destroyed world 300 years into the future. His memory is slowly coming back thanks to drinking a blue liquid provided by human clones that survived the nuclear holocaust. Garrett remembers that he was part of a United States government agency that lead an investigation in which terrorist aliens, led by Reverend Jeremiah C. Hope, planefd to take over the planet. He and the clones must now come together to overthrow Piak, the alien conqueror, and take back Earth.


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