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Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter

Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  110m  •    •  Directed by: John Bacchus.  •  Starring: Laurie Wallace, Darian Caine, Victoria Vega, Natalia Ashe, John Bacchus, John Paul Fedele..
    From beyond the stars come two aliens - not to destroy our world, but to learn how to reproduce and save their dying planet. To blend in, Galaxia assumes the form of a sinfully gorgeous and sexy blonde while Zorkon becomes... well... a dork. Their research begins with them peeking into windows witnessing hot & steamy encounters between Earth men and women. Zorkon quickly gets the idea and wants to experiment with Galaxia's luscious delectable body. But Galaxia must learn more, and soon discovers a strange yet sensual attraction to the female species. Quicker than you can count the moons of Primax, Galaxia starts indulging her wettest wildest alien fantasies with the most voluptuous Earth women who willingly offer their bodies to her sensuous lips and exploring fingers. Zorkon, meanwhile, finds his own beautiful women, but they only have eyes - and hungry mouths - for one another. Will Galaxia and Zorkon unite in human ecstasy and save their planet? Or will Galaxia's luxurious lesbian desires and alien seduction spell doom for their civilization??


Image from: Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
Image from: Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
Image from: Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
Image from: Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
Image from: Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter (1998)
Girl Explores Girl is definitely a mixed bag. The story concerns two aliens (a guy and a girl) who come to earth to learn about sex. The girl goes off and discovers that she's a lesbian. The guy hires strippers. This thing is ultra low budget, with bad dialog and horrible attempts at comedy. It looks like it was filmed at an apartment complex early in the morning when everybody was still asleep.

But it's softcore porn, so what really matters are the sex scenes. That's where the movie is the most frustrating. All the scenes that involve the guy and his strippers (Darian Caine and Victoria Vega) aren't really good. I thought Victoria was attractive and she has a good body. But Darian doesn't do anything for me. They have a couple of lesbian scenes together, but they're pretty tame. Their interest in each other was mostly just some light kissing and caressing. The camera work and locations for their scenes were poor as well.

But then there's everything else involving the female alien (Katie Keane) and the earth girl that she gets the hots for (Natalia Ashe). Katie is a gorgeous blonde with a perfect body. Natalia is plenty nice to look at too. Together they have three excellent scenes which are as good as anything I've ever seen.

The first scene has Katie watching Natalia masturbating as she tans beside a swimming pool. This gets Katie aroused, so she strips down and masturbates as well.

In the second scene, Katie introduces herself to Natalia. The two of them strip out of their swimsuits and have hot lesbian sex. Unlike Victoria and Darian, these two girls aren't shy with each other. This pushes softcore as far as it can go and in a few shots definitely crosses into hardcore territory. Katie's orgasm in this scene is fantastic.

The third scene is Katie and Natalia with each other in the swimming pool. Like the second scene, it's just excellent. Both girls don't hold anything back and deliver great orgasms.

The camera work in all three scenes is great. It's never too close to the action and the shots are held for a reasonable amount of time, especially during the orgasms, where it really counts. And the sounds of the girls aren't drowned out by the music.

There was also a boy/girl scene at the beginning that didn't involve any of the above people. It was good. There were also a couple of scenes where Katie is displaying her great body for the camera.

To sum up, about 2/3 of this movie is almost pure torture to watch. But everything else is so perfectly done, I'd actually recommend it.

Review by David Brown from the Internet Movie Database.