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Furifuri Bozu

Furifuri Bozu (2007) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  71m  •  Directed by: Moriro Miyamoto.  •  Starring: Daioh, Miki Yamada, Yoshihito Mizuuchi.  •  Music by: Penpenz Oshiri.
In the near future where the majority of the land was turned into desert after a mysterious rain. A girl and her younger brother slowly set out on a journey after being thrown out to the outer world after they broke a rule of their village which is surrounded by walls.


Image from: Furifuri Bozu (2007)
Image from: Furifuri Bozu (2007)
A road trip film set in the near future which won the acclaim of being a "great hoax and showing intriguing imagination" at the Third Cineastes Organization Osaka Exhibition (CO2) hosted by the Osaka City Film Culture Promotion Association in 2007. The General Producer Award was newly established just for this film. It is a film directed by Miyamoto Moriro who is self-taught in film.

Review by Unknown from the Internet Movie Database.