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Martien à Paris, Un

Martien à Paris, Un (1961) Movie Poster
France  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Jean-Daniel Daninos.  •  Starring: Darry Cowl, Nicole Mirel, Henri Vilbert, Gisèle Grandpré, Rolande Kalis, Michèle Verez, Pierre-Louis, Eddie Robert, Serge Berry, Pierre Vernot, Dany Berthier, René Charles, Jacques De Leon..
      Cowl is a Martian who is sent to Earth to find out about the planet's mysterious sickness "love." He arrives and falls victim to the disease himself with a variety of women. A poorly written farce, with Cowl obviously imitating the likes of Jerry Lewis very unconvincingly.


Image from: Martien à Paris, Un (1961)
Image from: Martien à Paris, Un (1961)
This film barely qualifies as Science-Fiction but it does succeed as wacky French comedy. Done on a very low budget, filming largely took place in the streets of Paris with the natural citizens of that city involuntarily playing "background extras" who occasionally looked straight at the camera. Even a shaky car chase scene seems to have been done "on the fly" without permits. All of these exposed seams actually add to the film's charms and give it a sense of immediacy. Prolific comic actor Darry Cowl does a sort of one-man show in his usual stuttering, panicky style. It was nice discovering a French comic talent as entertaining as Louis deFunes. After the stiff cornball opening pre-title sequence on a cheesy planet Mars, I expected to be irritated by the film but it ended up moving along so quickly, I had no time to be bored.

Review by FilmSocietyMtl from the Internet Movie Database.