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Marziani Hanno Dodici Mani, I

Marziani Hanno Dodici Mani, I (1964) Movie Poster
Italy / Spain  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia.  •  Starring: Paolo Panelli, Carlo Croccolo, Enzo Garinei, Alfredo Landa, Magali Noël, Ciccio Ingrassia, Franco Franchi, Pietro De Vico, Valeria Fabrizi, Riccardo Billi, Nando Martellini, Umberto D'Orsi, Margaret Lee.  •  Music by: Ennio Morricone.
      One day four men form Mars, called X1, X2, X3, and X4 come to Italy in preparation for an eventual invasion. They assume human shape and each has a different assignment. X1, leader of the party, is to gauge resistance to the invasion; X2 is to find the best localities for space-ship landing grounds; X3 will contact two human scientists while X4 is to find out what the earthmen's reaction to a military ultimatum would be. But X2, who is very ambitious, arranges for certain areas to be divided up into lots for the building of cottages. The scientists whom X3 meets write science fiction in their sparetime and help their friend from Mars to publish his stories. X4 ends up with a girl-friend and a post in an embassy. X1 rediscovers love which for thousand of years had been renounced on Mars.


Image from: Marziani Hanno Dodici Mani, I (1964)
Image from: Marziani Hanno Dodici Mani, I (1964)
This is really a great example of the wonderful Italian comedy of the sixties. The adventures of four Martians on earth deliver a enjoying script full of funny situations. The sequence during a soccer match in Rome is just hilarious.

Specially outstanding is the performance by Spanish actor Alfredo Landa, who plays the role of a Martian in love with every jukebox he meets on earth. Rest of the cast is also wonderful, giving really funny and marvelous performances; including one of those typical small roles played by cult-actor Jose Maria Tasso.

Review by aoi tsuki from the Internet Movie Database.