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Flesh Feast

Flesh Feast (1970) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  72m  •    •  Directed by: Brad F. Grinter.  •  Starring: Veronica Lake, Phil Philbin, Doug Foster, Harry Kerwin, Brad Townes, Martha Mischon, Dete Parsons, Heather Hughes, Dianne Wilhite, Yanka Mann, Craig McConnel, Chris Martell, Bill Rogers..
       Dr. Elaine Frederick has just perfected a way of using maggots to make her test subjects not only look younger, but actually become younger. When they hear of the results of her experiments, her first clients, a team of hispanic neo-nazis, are delighted with the news. It seems they have a very elderly VIP in their group who needs to be rejuvenated before he can begin rebuilding his thousand-year reich. As their plan moves toward its completion, Dr. Frederick's habit of experimenting on stolen corpses begins to attract the attention of an investigative reporter.


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Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Image from: Flesh Feast (1970)
Expectations were not high at all for 'Flesh Feast', it has to be admitted. My only real reason for seeing it was, other than my appreciation for the genre, seeing Veronica Lake in her swansong. She was a beautiful woman and excelled in the femme fatale sort of roles, while also faring well cast against type (like she was in 'I Married a Witch'). But the title alone is enough to give one a good idea of what to expect and even the premise sounded like schlock.

'Flesh Feast's' execution was even more schlocky. To me, it does have to be down there as being one of the worst final films for any actoractress in a list that includes Bette Davis in 'Wicked Stepmother'. It is easily Lake's worst film (and she did a lot of pretty bad films when her career declined) and even she doesn't come over too well. Also consider it one of the worst films seen in a long time by me and the worst since 'Baby's First Christmas' way back in March. Very rarely give out my lowest possible ratings these days when reviewing, but 'Flesh Feast' is a more than worthy recipient.

Its least bad aspect was the final 10 minutes or so which finally showed signs of some energy. Even that portion lacked tension, fun or the scare factor, and was instead every bit as nonsensical as what came before. So sadly it can't be seen as a redeeming quality in my eyes.

All the acting is awful, nobody looks interested and just wade in and out in thinly written plot device parts. Basically it is ineptitude of the highest order, and that is including Lake herself who looks miserable throughout and like she wanted to be elsewhere. Equally inept is the direction, no sense of style, pace or an ability to make the action interesting or cohesive. Have not seen a film this cheap-looking in a long time, the effects when used are shoestring budget-level, it looks rushed, the make-up is worse than bad fancy dress and the disorganised photography shows Lake at her least visually flattering.

The sound is similarly disorganised and can be very discordant with the action. The dialogue is hokey awkwardness and pure ham that exceed maximum limit, that it induced a lot of cringing and unintentional laughter. Then there is the story which, when there is signs of any, is a complete mess from start to finish. No tension. No suspense. Nothing remotely scary (contrary to what the title suggests), and the little horror there is looks cheap and too reliant on gratuitous shock value. Most people with this premise would expect 'Flesh Feast' to be silly, but few would expect it to be this nonsensical and intelligence-insultingly stupid, and even understanding what was going on was difficult often. The pace is all over the place, the film is not that long but feels like an eternity with the amount of dull stretches and irrelevant parts there for padding reasons.

Overall, dreadful all round. Best avoided unless you are trying to see all of Lake's films, and even in that instance you would see pretty much nobody considering this a must see film of hers and instead say that it is a bad representation of her.

Review by TheLittleSongbird from the Internet Movie Database.