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Frackers (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Jeffrey Nicholson.  •  Starring: Dr. David Alkek, Judithann Anderson, Lynn Andrews III, Blake Bathman, Nick Caldwell, Regina Ting Chen, Major Dodge, Laura Flannery, Joey Folsom, Mathew Greer, Cottrell Guidry, April Hartman, Chris Henson..
    A syfy comedy about the afterlife. Gilligan's Island in space, and they might be dead.


This is a truly enjoyable film that will make you stop and think while wiping the tears from your eyes from some of the jokes. (Gary Busey knows the truth, just saying.)

Strong acting from Adam Litwin, Grace Monte, Chris Henson and Brian Massey. Good writing from father and son duo, Bennett and Adam Litwin and good directing from Jeffrey Nicholson.

I recommend this film for anyone who doesn't take life seriously and shouldn't plan on taking the afterlife seriously either. If you enjoyed Galaxy Quest, This is the End, or Defending Your Life, you will enjoy this.

Review by doug-972 from the Internet Movie Database.