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Sensei Tumbleweed

Sensei Tumbleweed (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  64m  •  Directed by: Joe Haugh.  •  Starring: Joe Haugh, Olivia E. Helmig, Steven Lawrence, Jasmin Morin, Khaled Omar, Salah Omar, Courtney Quarless..
    Harold always wanted to be the best Kung Fu Fighting Sai Slicing Sword Slashing Karate Kicking Fist Flailing Judo Jumping Person that he could be. He hoowever has one problem, he's lazy. After his brother makes him go look for a job, he discovers that his day is going to be like no other. Aliens have invaded and his brother is missing. It is up to him to become Sensei Tumbleweed and not just save his brother, but the whole world.


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