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Advent of Mebiar, The

Advent of Mebiar, The (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  Directed by: Jacob Lyngle.  •  Starring: Nick Huber, Jacob Lyngle, Jewel Baltramaitis, Braxton Burningham, Griffin Strycharske, Jake Pattison, Alex Tuinstra, Randyr Sachs, Nicholas Ashton, Valleri Lyngle.  •  Music by: Benjamin Hansen.
    After defeating a local creature pestering the public, Fritz and Snark recruit a new face to help them with their monster investigations. During a field trip to find answers of a mysterious ''person'' called Mebiar, from a tip Snark had, they are intervened by two monsters who are followers of Mebiar, who turns out to be an ancient monster who wants to return to our dimension to rule over it. Snark's trust is further broken through using Mr. Machina, an unreliable source, to find more answers. Eventually, the nerds come back together for one final stand against Mebiar and his followers, by any means necessary.


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