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Astral Factor, The

Astral Factor, The (1978) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: John Florea, Gene Fowler Jr., Arthur C. Pierce.  •  Starring: Robert Foxworth, Stefanie Powers, Sue Lyon, Mark Slade, Leslie Parrish, Marianna Hill, Elke Sommer, Percy Rodrigues, Alex Dreier, Rayford Barnes, Frederick Tully, Frank Ashmore, Larry Golden.  •  Music by: Richard Hieronymus, Bill Marx, Alan Oldfield.
       A convicted strangler, studying the paranormal in his jail cell, learns to make himself invisible. As an invisible man, he escapes from prison to stalk and strangle the five women who testified against him at his trial. Robert Foxworth plays the police lieutenant assigned to protect them, and to catch the invisible strangler.


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Image from: Astral Factor, The (1978)
Image from: Astral Factor, The (1978)
Image from: Astral Factor, The (1978)
Image from: Astral Factor, The (1978)
Image from: Astral Factor, The (1978)
I don't understand how you can take some fairly decent actors and make a film that a film student would be ashamed of doing. It had lines through it, as perhaps it was taken from someone's shelf, turned into a DVD with no clean up, and sold. Luckily my copy was with a 6 disc box of "Blood Chillers". Apparently they forgot to preview it before they added it to the collection. Who knows? Perhaps someone's relative was in it!! They story line itself was promising, but Robert Foxworth spent the entire movie overacting, Mark Slade was typecast as the "college boy" with no police skills AND who chewed gum even while eating his hot dog. What kind of Lieutenant on the police force has a hot dog?

That sums up this film...Foxworth being the severely overacted hot dog.

Review by charlenelv from the Internet Movie Database.