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Diesel (1985) Movie Poster
France  •    •  79m  •    •  Directed by: Robert Kramer.  •  Starring: Gérard Klein, Agnès Soral, Richard Bohringer, Niels Arestrup, Magali Noël, Xavier Deluc, Roland Blanche, Souad Amidou, Bruno Allain, Patrick Bonnel, Philippe Clévenot, Philippe Caroit, André Julien.  •  Music by: Barre Phillips.
      A prositute tries to change her life after her release from prison, but a murderous slave organization, the Consortium, is determined to bring her back to the fold or kill her, which forces her to seek help from Liberty, an anti-Consortium organization.


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Image from: Diesel (1985)
Image from: Diesel (1985)
Image from: Diesel (1985)
Image from: Diesel (1985)
Totally grotesque post-apocalyptic romp from (of all things)the french film industry! This means action and suspense are replaced by "auteur" posturing and pretentious dialogue, mixed here with the same corny special effects and settings you can see in all the Italian Mad Max 2 - wannabes. Expatriate American director Robert Kramer, normally an appreciated moviemaker, here totally loses control of his film. Putrid dialogue, lackluster performances from a usually talented cast and a completely preposterous and incoherent plot make up for an ultra-camp movie experience. Whenever the french tried to do "science-fiction" or "fantasy", the result turned out to be a disaster, and this movie is no exception.

Review by lefrelonvert from the Internet Movie Database.