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Virus kennt keine Moral, Ein

Virus kennt keine Moral, Ein (1986) Movie Poster
West Germany  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Rosa von Praunheim.  •  Starring: Dieter Dicken, Maria Hasenäcker, Christian Kesten, Eva-Maria Kurz, Rosa von Praunheim, Ina Blum, Thilo von Trotha, Holger Klotzbach, Arnulf Rating, Günter Thews, Craig Russell, Hella von Sinnen, Gisela Dreyer.  •  Music by: Marran Gosov.
     The only concern of an owner of a gay sauna is that AIDS it will probably put him out of business. Things get personal however when both the owner and his lover contact the disease.


Image from: Virus kennt keine Moral, Ein (1986)
Image from: Virus kennt keine Moral, Ein (1986)
This, at the time, was a pioneering film. The always innovative and irreverent Rosa von Praunheim broke the ice on satirizing AIDS. This was later done by several other independent directors from Canada and the USA, also imitating the parody musical format which von Praunheim created. This film is still the most important of its genre. Von Praunheim was severely ostracized for poking fun at such a subject. But he insisted that given how the world had ignored AIDS up to then (1985; it took the Rock Hudson death to shake the US then), satire was necessary. He was right. Whatever would cause the most raucous would bring the most attention to AIDS. And it worked. So, don't expect a landmark film. But it is a film that perhaps highlights von Praunheim's career as a gay activist, not as a film maker.

Review by GMeleJr from the Internet Movie Database.