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Deadly Weapon

Deadly Weapon (1989) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Michael Miner.  •  Starring: Rodney Eastman, Robert Benedetti, Arell Blanton, Susan Blu, Tom Cesano, Ed Corbett, Gary Frank, Adam Gifford, Michael Hennessey, Michael Horse, Richard Steven Horvitz, Sasha Jenson, Walter Koenig.  •  Music by: Guy Moon.
       An expermintal gun powered by an atomic reactor is misplaced when the transport carrying it crashes into a river. The weapon soon falls into the hands of a bullied teen named Zeke, who uses it to get even with his persecutors. An army team led by the overzealous Lt. Dalton is sent to recover the weapon before it's unstable reactor overloads and causes a meltdown.


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Image from: Deadly Weapon (1989)
Image from: Deadly Weapon (1989)
Image from: Deadly Weapon (1989)
Image from: Deadly Weapon (1989)
Like many other people, I only bought this movie because Joey (Rodney Eastman) of A Nightmare On Elm Street Part's 3 and 4 was the lead in it. And, erm....It totally sucks!! Occasionally you can get some pretty good "b" movies, but its movies like this wich make all "b" movies look crap.

Lets start of with "the gun". What the hell was its cable lead made out of? Tin foil??! It was extreamly fake looking and looked like a rejected quazer lazer gun.

And the acting was terrible! I'm sorry Rodney fans, but this movie is deffanitly made for you. There is no other reason to watch it unless you like Rod. Its very badly written. I wish I didn't buy this junk! Whoa, really. If Rods reading this (hmmm, a bit unlikeley) but I'm sorry man, the movie bites.

Review by Andras_J from the Internet Movie Database.