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Peraustrínia 2004

Peraustrínia 2004 (1990) Movie Poster
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Spain  •    •  75m  •    •  Directed by: Ángel García.  •  Starring: Josep Linuesa, Blanca Pàmpols, Anton Alemany, Manel Villanova, Ferran Casanovas, Raúl Macarinni, Luis Posada, Aurora Ferrandis, Felip Peña, Dionisio Macías, Vicente Gil, Eduard Muntada, Josep Maria Ullod.  •  Music by: Anthony Pilley.
Peraustrinia is the city of science. Tristan of Peraustrinia seems to be in charge of everything. There is only one thing beyond his control: his love for the beautiful princess Priscila.


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