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Sons of Steel

Sons of Steel (1988) Movie Poster
Australia  •    •  104m  •    •  Directed by: Gary L. Keady.  •  Starring: Rob Hartley, Roz Wason, Jeff Duff, Dagmar Bláhová, Ralph Cotterill, Elizabeth Richmond, Wayne Snell, Machs Colombani, Mark Hembrow, Sharlie Wetherill, Gordon Wood, Wendy Dys, Raquel Suarstzman.  •  Music by: Gary L. Keady, Rod Keady, John Vallins.
      In the 20th Century, Aussie Heavy metal singer and peace activist BLACK ALICE is captured by the fascist Government of Oceana and de-materialized into a hologram. He's accidentally released from the hologram by Barbarians into a dystopian world all remaining from a nuclear holocaust that had all but destroyed mankind. He learns from a surviving mad scientist, that he had caused the very accident that had all but destroy mankind and finds a way to return in time to save the world from nuclear destruction.


Image from: Sons of Steel (1988)
Image from: Sons of Steel (1988)
Image from: Sons of Steel (1988)
To me, this is an essential "so bad it's good" movie. As per usual with such films, a friend dared me to watch Sons of Steel. After accepting the challenge, I gave it a watch. Wow.

The movie is a semi-musical sci-fi from Australia. The concept is interesting, and there is definitely some artistic value hidden in it. Trying to describe the plot is like playing cat's cradle while riding a bike sitting backwards, blindfolded. Most of the time it doesn't make any sense. What makes this movie good is the fun factor: the director obviously was having fun making the film. It's obvious that the jokes are cheesy, and are meant to be so. In my opinion, the cheese is the most appealing part of Sons of Steel. Some of the quotes stuck with me for over a decade, and I can sharply recall some of the weirdest scenes from the movie in a heartbeat.

I consider SoS an essential party movie, which you should watch with your friends amidst a constant mix of booing and laughing.

Review by Tyrke from the Internet Movie Database.