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Fatal Sky

Fatal Sky (1990) Movie Poster
  •  USA / Australia / Yugoslavia / UK  •    •  92m  •    •  Directed by: Frank Shields.  •  Starring: Michael Nouri, Darlanne Fluegel, Maxwell Caulfield, Derren Nesbitt, Ray Charleson, Sebastian Allen, Charles Durning, Ena Begovic, Frano Lasic, Janez Vajevec, Damir Saban, Dusko Valentic, Damir Mejovsek.  •  Music by: Allan Zavod.
       In Norway a military plane crashes under mysterious circumstances: in his last message the pilot reported many lights falling from the sky. The NATO wants to play down the incident, but the famous TV moderator George Abbot and the no less persistent journalist Milker sense a sensational story about UFOs and start snooping around in the area with help of pilot "Bird" McNamara.


Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Image from: Fatal Sky (1990)
Fatal Sky (Otherwise known as Project: Alien) actually started off interestingly enough, it tells the story of a seemingly shady alien government plot and two very different reporters who are on the case.

The first half is fairly enjoyable and is essentially just a lot of character development and setting the scene. Sadly when the storyline begins to take shame the whole movie falls apart.

The plot is terrible, the sfx are lacking and the entire movie is unforgivably boring.

There is so little that can possibly be said about Fatal Sky, and even then every syllable would be derogative.

Bad, bad, bad stuff.

The Good:


The Bad:

Trails off around the halfway mark

Really damn boring

Like a bad X-Files episode

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

That this random pick n mix movie thing I'm doing is not working!

Review by Platypuschow from the Internet Movie Database.