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Ultra Warrior

Ultra Warrior (1990) Movie Poster
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  •  Peru / USA  •    •  81m  •    •  Directed by: Augusto Tamayo San Román, Kevin Tent.  •  Starring: Dack Rambo, Clare Beresford, Meshach Taylor, Mark Bringelson, Charles Dougherty, Ramsay Ross, Diana Quijano, Orlando Sacha, Emily Kreimer, Ramón García, Tony Vasques, David Killerby, Ian Igberg.  •  Music by: Kevin Klingler, Terry Plumeri, Ed Tomney.
        After the nuclear holocaust, one man rises from the ashes to become the leader of a ragged gang of survivors. They soon discover that their greatest challenge is yet to come; they must fight a battle for the ages against the evil minions of The Bishop.


Image from: Ultra Warrior (1990)
Image from: Ultra Warrior (1990)
Image from: Ultra Warrior (1990)
An incomprehensible mess, Ultra Warrior is far and away the most relentless assault on the senses I have been subjected to in ages. With footage "borrowed" from who-knows-how-many other films, the final product is little more than a string of explosions with a threadbare story about Dack Rambo being sent into a radioactive wasteland to evaluate mining potential, and being drawn into a bloody war between mutants and slave-drivers.

A painful test of endurance, but surely a badmovie monger's dream, Ultra Warrior is a must-see-to-believe experience.

Review by EyeAskance from the Internet Movie Database.