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Chronos 5.0

Chronos 5.0 (1993) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Michael Harrison.  •  Starring: Koli Cutler, Laura Martin, Katrina Stevens, Tina Thornton, Lisa Kaseman, Stephen Jared, Eric Allen, Tom Romero, Michelle Welk.  •  Music by: Alan Williams.
    Jay Ward is a 21st century private eye who uses a time machine to solve a case of a three year old girl kidnapped before he was born.


An interesting twist on a popular theme, Chronos 5.0 is the story of a private detective who uses the advantages of time- travel to help solve cases. Koli Cutler is charming and charismatic as the PI who finds himself simultaneously solving a case and on trial for a murder he didn't commit. Time-travel paradoxes and some imaginative writing make this an entertaining film that would have had real potential with a bigger budget and better FX.

Review by tereen from the Internet Movie Database.