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Orange: Mirai

Orange: Mirai (2016) Movie Poster
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Japan  •    •  63m  •    •  Directed by: Hiroshi Hamasaki.  •  Starring: Makoto Furukawa, Kana Hanazawa, Seiichiro Yamashita, Natsumi Takamori, Kazuyuki Okitsu, Rika Kinugawa..
    The film retells the main story from the viewpoint of Hiroto Suwa, as he continues to support Kakeru and Naho's relationship. The film also features an original story which takes place after the events in the manga and anime series.


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Image from: Orange: Mirai (2016)
Image from: Orange: Mirai (2016)
Image from: Orange: Mirai (2016)
Image from: Orange: Mirai (2016)
I don't think that I've seen an anime this bad in my life! Like where do I even begin? 95% of the movie was just a recap of what had happened in the orange anime, first five-ish minutes being the fast recap and then like 44 minutes of a long recap with only the last 7 minutes being stuff that was actually new.

It was excruciating to watch, because Naho cried in almost every scene for no apparent reason, sometimes she was joined by someone, and if she wasn't crying then there would be an awfully long shot of all 6 of them just smiling, then there would be a shot of every character smiling individually and then there would be another shot of them smilingcrying all together, because apparently those are all the emotions a character can have in that amine.

The three background characters were straight up 1 dimensional, because they had no distinct character traits whatsoever. Naho and Suwa were 2 dimensional because they at least had personalities, they were bad, but still better than nothing I guess.

The only real believable character in my opinion was Kekaru because at least he acted rationally and how a human could theoretically act in the given situation, unlike Naho, who cried whenever she was in a slightly inconvenient position. I honestly can't stretch enough how infuriating it was for me to watch her break down every time she was embarassed or a little happy. How she got TWO guys to fall in love with her is beyond me. Literally the only reason I'm giving this movie 2 stars and not its well deserved 1 is because of Kekeru's character growth.

Tl;dr the movie was too awful to describe, filled with cardboard cutout characters. You will get much more satisfaction if you read the synopsis, trust me.

Review by Myliadidlo from the Internet Movie Database.


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