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Cyberstalker (1996) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  96m  •    •  Directed by: Christopher Romero.  •  Starring: Schnele Wilson, Annie Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, Blake Bahner, Rocky Patterson, Tony Brownrigg, Christopher Heldman, The Greg Wilson, Paul Tigue, Jeremy Schwartz, Gregory O'Rourke, Cindy Mayfield, Sally Helppie..
     A detective duo tries to track down a serial killer whose victims are linked only by their use of the Internet. When the murderer discovers they're getting too close for comfort, the hunted becomes the hunter and goes after the investigators.


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Image from: Cyberstalker (1996)
Image from: Cyberstalker (1996)
Image from: Cyberstalker (1996)
Image from: Cyberstalker (1996)
In fact, I would have given it ten points instead of nine if the dialogue had been less muffled. True, the sound recording does improve as the movie progresses, or maybe I just got used to its odd cadence, but I almost turned the movie off during the first ten minutes or so. Fortunately, I kept watching, despite the fact that executive producer Lloyd Kaufman's introductory footage on the Troma double feature DVD is even more strained, forced and self- congratulatory than usual, but fortunately, it is also rather short. No doubt Mr. Kaufman will make up for this somewhat clipped, one-take "introduction" when he extends his "humor" on the intro to Cybernator, the other feature on this Troma DVD. Before leaving "The Digital Prophet", however, I would to commend all the main actors: Jeffrey Combs as the book artist; Blake Bahner as Detective Victor Salinas, and most particularly Schnele Wilson as Detective Meg Jordan, plus executive producer Annie Biggs as Newman.

Review by JohnHowardReid from the Internet Movie Database.