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Cassiopéia (1996) Movie Poster
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Brazil  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Clóvis Vieira.  •  Starring: Osmar Prado, Jonas Mello, Aldo César, Marcelo Campos, Cassius Romero, Fábio Moura, Hermes Barolli, Rosa Maria Barolli, Francisco Bretas, Ezio Ramos, Flávio Dias, Élcio Sodré, Carlos Silveira.  •  Music by: Vicente Sálvia.
     Four little robots get together to defend their planet Atenéia, in Cassiopéia constellation, from villain Shadowseat.


Being the first movie ever made by CGI (Computer-generated imagery), it's a absurd to see it forgotten and ignored, even in Brazil (I pretend it surprise me, Brazil is a country with no memory that don't value its products). Not even a decent DVD release it had and if you ask around in Brazil, everybody will say Toy Story was the first movie made by CGI, what's a propaganda lie, Toy Story used models made out of clay, Cassiopeia is the first movie entirely made in CGI.

The year was 1992, they had 15 people working in the animation with 17 486 DX2-66 computers integrated. After the movie was completed nobody wanted to distribute it and the film was released during Olympic Games, resulting in no advertise and no interest by media. I'm not a person who believe in conspiracy theories, and I continue not believing because to understand why the movie was ignored, all you have to do is read the history of Brazilian products, more specific of Gurgel, and you will see how Brazil treat its things and also understand why Brazil will always be a third world country.

About the movie, it's great. A very good and interesting history, I really liked the characters, remember we were in 1992 when production started, but the not realistic look of characters give us the sensation of a history happening in other part of universe. I confess I wasn't expecting anything more than the fact it was the first CGI movie of History, but it's a very entertaining movie, there's music and all, inspired in the Japanese animes.

Unfortunately, no english subs, no international release and if you ask about Brazilian animation, this movie won't be remembered.

Review by gustavobrodaloes from the Internet Movie Database.