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King Monster

King Monster (1976) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Richard Martin.  •  Starring: Basil Bradbury, Arthur Franz, K.K. Mahajan, Robert White..
     Three adventurers search for the son of a U.S. Senator, who is lost on the island of Komodo, home of fierce, man-eating giant lizards known as the Komodo Dragons.


A journalist named Sam and his two companions head to the mysterious island of Komodo to find the missing son of a U.S. Senator. It seems that there is an area of the island where many people vanished without a trace. The volcanic island of Komodo is a home of a giant flesh-eating lizard called the Komodo Dragon. Our heroes walk through the jungle and see many of these beasts devouring other animals alive. Finally the mystery of the Golden Eye is revealed and it all has to do with the Second World War.

"King Monster" was shot on Bali and Komodo islands in Indonesia. It's not a horroranimal attackmonster movie, it plays more like mysterious travel documentary with some eerie shots of Komodo Dragons. We see giant lizards hunting and eating other animals including goat. The footage of Komodo Dragons is quite shocking. Some scenes kind of reminded me "Cannibal Holocaust" without cannibalism and sexual depravity, but with giant lizards instead. The revealing of the mystery is quite disappointing, though. However I am glad that I have finally seen "King Monster". The film is extremely obscure and probably will be forgotten forever.

Review by HumanoidOfFlesh from the Internet Movie Database.